IPL 2021: KKR analyst spotted sharing information through codes from dugout to Eoin Morgan

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Kolkata Knight RidersKolkata Knight Riders. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Since taking over as the captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders last year, Eoin Morgan has tried to infuse a style of captaincy that has become synonymous with him during his time as the England white-ball captain. He took over midway through the 2020 season when Dinesh Karthik stepped down. 

Kolkata didn’t make it to the playoffs two years in a row, failing both times due to net run rate. Morgan shouldn’t be judged too harshly for the 2020 season, but 2021 was supposed to be his year. In the first leg, KKR just didn’t look good enough. However, in the UAE leg, the team has bounced back beating Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians. 

In both these matches, the attacking template which had been previously applied by head coach Brendon McCullum and Morgan during their respective national team captaincy was visible. The World Cup-winning skipper of England likes having certain people around him with whom he can gel properly. 

KKR’s analyst Nathan Leamon has a good relationship with Eoin Morgan

KKR signed the England cricket team’s analyst Nathan Leamon. Morgan has been tipped to have played a part in bringing Leamon to KKR. Together they have worked for the England white-ball teams having a lot of success. It seems the two have also devised a special technique in which there is communication between them during the matches. 

During the matches in the UAE leg, Leamon has been spotted having a pad on which a number is written. The font size of the number is large enough which can be viewed from the middle by Morgan. During the match between Kolkata and Mumbai, the commentators were having a chat with McCullum. 

During this coverage, Leamon was seen displaying numbers to indicate something. At this moment, it is not clear what was intended to be communicated. However, it can be speculated that Morgan was getting a tip or two for the bowlers he can use in each over. This is not the first time something like this happened. A similar activity was seen in the English dressing room as well with the captain getting messages through code on the ground. 


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